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I regularly appear on Inverse's science podcast, The Abstract, to discuss my reporting. Here are a few examples: 


Here, I discussed by reporting on a cadaver lab in Utah that has a viral Tik Tok presence. Here's how the lab managed to circumvent Tik Tok's graphic content algorithm to allow real human cadavers to be showcased for science education purposes.  

The full story can be found here. 

Here, I discussed my reporting on smokers (and vapers) trying to quit during the Covid-19 pandemic, and a story on the neuroscience behind pandemic-related nightmares. 

The full smoking story can be found here, and the full nightmare story can be found here

I've also discussed my reporting on other radio shows. Here's an interview about my story on Reddit's r/RoastMe​ with Craig Collins Show on WJBC, the Voice of Central Illinois. 

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