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Hi! I'm interested in the future of science and health (as well as the weird subculture story or two). I've covered black market vape cartridges, biotech startups, the psychology of subreddits, and the spread of information during the coronavirus pandemic. (You can read a q&a about my investigation into black market vape cartridges in The Columbia Journalism Review here.) 

I'm a regular contributor at TechCrunch, were I cover biotech, and health tech startups. My work has also appeared in The Markup, The Daily BeastInverse, Texas Monthly, Mastermind Magazine and others. 

Offline, I am either in on my bike, or trying (and failing) to get barreled. 

I hold dual undergraduate degrees in Health and Human Biology, and History from Brown University, and masters in journalism from Columbia University.

You can reach me at emmabetuel631[at]gmail[dot]com. Or on Twitter at @emmakbetuel, my DMs are open. 

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